Our snacks are made using only the best ingredients

We develop and produce snacks which are tailor-made for their market – in both Norway and throughout Europe. In order to maintain both trust and high quality, we always source the best ingredients from all over the world.
Our snacks are often low in fat, but we never compromise on flavour. We achieve this by using the very latest technologies. Our products include pork scratchings, crisp varieties, French fries, cheese puffs and potato twists, as well as potato and corn snacks in a range of custom flavours. We never use palm oil, and natural ingredients are always our starting point when developing new products. 
Cheese puff production
In the world of snack production, cheese puffs are an art form in themselves. We produce several varieties specially to order.

Cheese puffs are snacks made from puffed corn flour. They are produced by extruding warmed corn dough through a die. These are then dried and dipped in a specially-prepared, seasoned curd.
Potato snack production
Potato snacks typically contain less fat than crisps. We produce them in many different shapes and sizes upon request, and add custom seasonings based on our client’s wishes.
We make potato twists, rings, bacon-flavoured snacks and French fries, among others.
The dough is baked before being shaped and dried.After that, the snacks are fried in sunflower oil, seasoned and packaged in bags.
Pork scratching production
Many swear by our “Bacon Krisp” – or pork scratchings, as they are known. Our pork scratchings are made from pork rind deep fried in sunflower oil. They are extremely high in protein and, as such, are low in carbohydrates.

Our pork rind is delivered to us ready-dried, straight from the abattoir. The rind is then fried in sunflower oil, before being carefully salted. The product is then packaged in bags.
Corn snack production
Corn is one of our favourite raw materials. It’s extremely versatile, and over the years we have produced many different types of corn-based snacks to order.

Corn snacks can be made in many different ways, but we prefer frying them in sunflower oil. This gives them a light golden colour and makes them taste great.
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