About us

who are we?

Who are we?

FoodMan AS is one of Norway's largest producers of nut products, snacks, chocolate, and fried onions. We manufacture for various grocery store chains and industrial companies, and we export to countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and England.

FoodMan AS is located in Aurskog, approximately 40 kilometers outside of Oslo. The company was established in 1992, currently employs 65 people, and has a turnover of over 400 million Norwegian kroner.

How do we work?
FoodMan's four core pillars:
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Sustainability


Product development is essential to us, and we invest a lot of time and energy into product innovation. FoodMan has the ideas, production equipment, and expertise required to develop top-notch products that fits your market. Are you searching for an entirely new nut, chocolate, or snack concept? Get in touch with us and present your idea, and we'll tailor your next product accordingly.




​FoodMan utilizes the latest in production management tools and technology. We have developed our own software to control the factory, aiming to make the entire production process from idea to finished product as efficient as possible. Skilled professionals with extensive experience ensure a quality-assured and streamlined production process, where taste and quality are paramount. FoodMan develops your new snack concept, from idea to finished product, in collaboration with you.



​We only use raw materials of the highest quality in our products, and carefully selected raw material producers and suppliers undergo quality checks at every stage. The goal is to ensure fresh, flavorful ingredients that are stored, transported, and handled correctly. Efficient production management tools and the latest in production and packaging equipment ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production line until the nut pack or snack bag is opened by the consumer.



FoodMan AS is a member of Ethical Trade Norway and is working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to operate in a way that respects both people, society, and the environment. Nuts and chocolate snacks taste the best when the ingredients are produced sustainably by raw material producers who work under regulated conditions and receive a fair price for their raw materials.

FoodMan is committed to reducing emissions, waste, and plastic use, and we prioritize environmental considerations to the fullest extent possible. Sustainable business practices are crucial in a society where we all must contribute to ensuring that the needs of present generations are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.



​We take product development to the next level

"Product development usually begins with a good idea – or with the pursuit of one." Our team of creative idea hunters crafts innovative products and new concepts that become consumer favorites! With us, you'll discover the chocolate, snacks, or nut products that are missing from your product portfolio. And if we don't already have it in our range, we'll create it. We immerse ourselves in your company's challenges in the quest for entirely new products, working diligently to uncover winning concepts and products – and we're more than happy to further develop these. We possess both the ideas and the technology to make it possible, along with a sincere desire to contribute to driving the entire industry forward!