Product development

providing you with products no one else has

Product development

giving you products no one else has

Have you read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Being invited into FoodMan's production facilities can evoke a hint of the same feeling Charlie had when he was invited into Willy Wonka's chocolate universe: Inside the FoodMan factory, ANYTHING is possible!

Thousands of crispy temptations is passing by on conveyor belts, heading to the next station, and fragrant, melted chocolate in large tanks awaits to envelop soft foam and crunchy corn puffs with delicious chocolate. Every step is carried out with great precision and using the latest in production equipment. The entire production process is closely monitored by FoodMan's self-developed production management tool, and the factory's skilled and experienced professionals. Looking for a snack or chocolate product that no one else has? We produce on demand. FoodMan develops the entire concept, from idea to finished product - in collaboration with you.

Creativity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability!

Creativity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability are the four cornerstones of our success. We have the ideas, drive, equipment, and expertise to develop products that stand out and have the potential to resonate in the market right now. Highest-quality ingredients, produced under sustainable conditions, combined with modern, flexible production equipment and self-developed production management tools, ensure efficiency and quality at every step – resulting in sought-after products that consumers love.i 


We create the product you are looking for

Maybe you have a great product idea but are unsure if it will be well received by consumers? We have extensive experience as a snacks, onion, and nut producer, and we specialize in product development. You can also entrust the entire process to us and let our experts come up with creative ideas that evolve into new, innovative products the market hasn't seen before. At FoodMan, we love to take on the entire product journey – from idea and concept development to the finished product. We know which flavors and ingredients complement each other and fit together perfectly, and we are always ready to test out new combinations!


FoodMan only uses the highest quality ingredients

We are constantly on the hunt for the very best ingredients so that we can produce the high-quality products we are known for. We source from local producers with high expertise in their fields. In our nut bags, you'll find almonds and pistachios from California, cashews from Vietnam, and peanuts from Argentina. In our snack products, you'll find corn and potatoes from Europe. The chocolate in our coated chocolate bites that melt so wonderfully on the tongue is Belgian. Locally sourced onions from Toten are transformed into delicious, crispy fried onions.


Product development with a focus on sustainability

is paramount for us. FoodMan aims to use only sustainably produced ingredients, cultivated by farmers and packaged by workers who receive a fair price for their labor. We travel across different continents and carefully select the producers we want to collaborate with. Environmental considerations are equally important. For instance, palm oil is completely excluded from our products. We minimize plastic usage in production, recycle everything that can be recycled, and continuously work to reduce all types of emissions and waste production.



We take product development a step further

"Product development usually starts with a good idea – or the search for one." The creative idea hunters from FoodMan create innovative products and new concepts that become consumer favorites! With us, you'll find the chocolate, snacks, or nut product that is missing from your product portfolio. And if we don't have it in our assortment already, we'll make it. We engage in your company's challenges in the pursuit of brand-new products and work diligently to find the winning concept and product – and are happy to further develop them. We have both the ideas and the technology that make it possible, along with a sincere desire to contribute to driving the entire industry forward!