Onion product production

The onion has its origins in central Asia, and the Chinese have already been growing it for some 3,000 years.There are many different varieties of onion, but we tend to use yellow bulb onions in our products. We prepare onions in different ways, making products like crispy fried onions and soft fried onions. For these we prefer to use Norwegian onions, where available.
Crispy fried onion production
Crispy-fried onions are made by first peeling the onion to remove its outer layer. After that, we slice the onion into small pieces and mix them with the other ingredients – all according to our secret recipe. The onion is deep fried in a special oil blend and packaged in many different sizes and formats. These crispy fried onions can also be adapted to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Soft fried onion production
Everyone loves onions with meat patties, but many are reluctant to make them themselves. We produce a very special type of soft fried onions, which can compete with even the best home-made versions in authenticity. After peeling, frying and seasoning, the onions are frozen. This ensures high quality and a product that lasts.
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