Only the best raw materials go into our nut products

We take our nut production very seriously. There are probably very few food manufacturers in the world who give raw materials as much importance as we do here. That’s why we travel to the places where the best raw materials are grown, and negotiate – and buy – from local suppliers.
When the nuts arrive in our factory, we treat them as carefully as we possibly can. They are kept cool until we refine them to create the different products. It’s this process which gives that fantastic flavour. Almonds and pistachio nuts from California, cashew nuts from Vietnam or peanuts grown on the vast plains of Argentina... We get them to thrive together!

Chilli nut production
Many people love our chilli nuts. A perfect match for good drinks, they can also be eaten on their own. Many like them because they are more filling than normal nuts. We think chilli nuts need lots of flavour. That’s why we give them that little bit more spice. 

We take small, round peanuts which we coat in our own flour mix. These nuts are fried and then seasoned with hot chilli spices. The chilli nuts are packed in airtight bags which are gas-flushed to ensure they keep well.

Nut mix production
We produce many different types of nut mixes. What’s most important to us is the taste, and that the nuts (and fruits and berries, if any) complement one another perfectly. Research has shown that nuts are healthy, as they contain a great many beneficial nutrients.

There are innumerable ways of producing nut mixes. We make use of different types of nuts: raw or roasted; salted or unsalted; with or without raisins and fruit. What’s most important is creating mixes that have that perfect combination, preferably packaged in re-sealable bags.

Cashew nut production
Many people have a taste for those slightly sweet cashew nuts, which, in addition to being a little meal in themselves, are a great addition to many dishes. 

We source our nuts from Vietnam. Our suppliers there remove the fruit and ensure the nuts are carefully packaged in bags so that they don’t break. Although cashew nuts can be eaten raw, we prefer heat-treating them to ensure the best possible quality. After the heat-treatment, we occasionally decide to salt or season them. They are then packaged in airtight bags which are gas-flushed, so that the flavour stays as good as it can be. 
Peanut production
Did you know that the peanut isn’t a nut, but a legume? Our peanut products are made from imports from Argentina – a country we view as having the very best nuts.

The nuts are roasted in rapeseed oil before being salted. They are then packed in airtight bags. The bags are gas-flushed so the nuts hold their great taste as long as possible. You can definitely taste the difference between good and bad peanuts – a big one. We have chosen the good ones...
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