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The quality of a chocolate is easy to taste – and it also has a big effect on its price. We never compromise when it comes to taste and quality. FoodMan makes real, high-quality chocolate products using Belgian chocolate.
When it comes to making new chocolate products, we stick to only real chocolate. Our great strength is the fact that we develop our own varieties of snack and nut products – with entirely new flavours and new twists never before seen. For example, we have developed our own chocolate twists and chocolate pillows, both second to none. We are always getting enquiries about developing new products – and we might just be able to help you update your product portfolio.
Chocolate twist production
Choco twists are a product we developed ourselves and which we make here on our own premises – the best of both worlds.They consist of a corn-based snack core which is salted and then dipped in Belgian chocolate. 

First, twists are extruded, made from the best corn to be found in Europe. These are then lightly fried in our own special oil blend made from rapeseed, and coconut oil. The lightly fried twists are then gently salted before being coated in delicious milk chocolate.
Chocolate pillow production
After the success of our own chocolate twists – with sales that went through the roof – we wanted to develop the product further. The result was a product made from the same tasty corn and Belgian chocolate.

The production of chocolate pillows is based on the same method as that of the chocolate twists. First, two corn strips are extruded. These strips are pressed together and dried before being fried in our own special oil blend. This blend is of course completely free of palm oil, and it gives the product its characteristic crispy consistency. After being lightly salted, the product is dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate.
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